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  • Zachary Kerman

    Zachary Kerman

    25 Instagram: @zachkerman “You've gotta be original, because if you're like someone else, what do they need you for?”

  • Annelise Lords

    Annelise Lords

    A writer of Fiction and Uplifting Quotes & Anecdotes. Get your upliftment, inspiration, and smiles here! thisisanneliselords@mediumauthor.com

  • Connie Song

    Connie Song

    Teacher. Writer. Feasting on words. Reading is my gateway drug. You can find me on Twitter@https://twitter.com/ /ConnieSong10/

  • Nicholas Cooper

    Nicholas Cooper

    My name is Nick Cooper. I live in a small town in Jersey and I love to write about existentialism, romance, and mental health. However my major is mathematics..

  • Paul Corbeil

    Paul Corbeil

    Poet. Storyteller. Lover of Art. Writing to make you feel. I will use the poetic form that best suits the mood. Twitter @Loverdesart

  • E. Scott Alighieri

    E. Scott Alighieri

  • Ana-Maria Schweitzer

    Ana-Maria Schweitzer

    Psychologist | Literature addict | Animal and cycling lover| Struck by poetry

  • Cocoa Griot

    Cocoa Griot


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